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Telrim was in the process of walking straight through this area, intent on a task that led her elsewhere in a hurry. But her steps slow as she takes notice of where she is; she turns to frown at the sign, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes as she hesitates. She takes a chair, in the end, rubbing her head. She feels another headache coming on. She might as well stop to soothe it before she goes back to work. A few minutes won’t hurt anything now.

“Would you rather be there in the aftermath of a disaster?” she asks distantly. “Or would you be more… comfortable if you were sent elsewhere?”
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Let me see if I've got this straight --

--- the United States government averted the Fiscal Cliff crisis by taking more money out of every single American's paycheck, continually from this day forward, while keeping the Bush tax cuts and excluding the rich people from paying anymore money than they ever did before.

Does that seem okay to everybody?
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questions in the mist


I saw the Disney/Pixar movie Bolt a long time ago. There's a character in it named Blake but I can't remember who he was. Looked it up online but every search just says there's a Blake in the film without saying who it is, what he does.

Who is Blake?
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Spare host, Issek

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Issek is sitting alone, frowning intensely as he decides on a question. Appropriate wording. Innocuous subject. It’s not easy. He’s been tremendously bored, but that doesn’t mean he’s used to feigning making conversation with aliens. Here’s one that’s sufficiently amusing: “At what point should you ‘get with the times’?”

Then for something important, “Also, I require opinions regarding... pulling rank on a friend.”
Sceptical of you all

Returning to Arms

The Nexus has caught Telrim off-guard for the first time in a while. Rolling with the interruption, she’s seated in front of a table with a small scanner in hand, checking her Dracon beam’s workings with methodical precision. She doesn’t look up as she speaks. “I’m coming to… let’s call it the end of an interlude. It’s likely I’ll be returning to work I haven’t done in several years.” There’s the briefest flicker of a smile. “Any suggestions on how to prepare?”

She pauses, either to listen or to consider her handiwork so far. “How attached do you become to the places you stay?”
Sceptical of you all

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It’s been a while since Telrim’s had time for anything but business. But there must have been a lull back home, because once again there’s a Controller in the Nexus, quietly watching the people around her. As always the Yeerk is privately sizing them up – hosts, threats, interesting specimens - but her eyes follow the human-looking ones in particular.

She lifts her voice to ask clearly, “How much stock do you place in rumour?”